Emotional Exhale Challenge
This challenge runs through the entire month of June. You can join in at any time throughout the month!

  • Do you feel emotionally overwhelmed?
  • Would you like to feel clearer and stronger?
  • Do you feel yourself taking shallow breaths?
  • Do you have lots of buried feelings under the surface?
  • Do you find your chest tightening and your airways feeling restricted?
  • Do you worry that if you feel the emotions inside they will drown you?
  • Does your body seem to be holding everything you've experienced the last few years?
This month we want to help you exhale! 

The last few years have caused us to pick up a lot of emotional heaviness and we want to help you let it go! In June we're inviting you to join us for a special but very simple Emotional Exhale Diffuser Challenge to invest in your mental and emotional health this summer! 

Whether you're a pro at processing emotions or you don't even know where to begin, we have tools for you! One of our most-loved emotional support oils is Release, and it's about to become the way to release that breath you didn't even know you were holding! This challenge is so easy!!!

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