Gain wellness insight with ZYTO insights!
Ever wonder... 
  • if your body is functioning optimally?
  • if there was a way to know which systems in your body might be out of balance?
  • what products or services could help bring your body into better alignment and overall wellness?
You don't need to wonder anymore! Please let me introduce to you... ZYTO technology!
What is ZYTO Insights?
ZYTO Insights is a powerful web-based application that provides personalized wellness information based on biometric feedback. The information from an Insights scan helps you and your wellness advisor make better decisions to improve quality of life. The ZYTO Insights app builds on ZYTO's industry-leading voice analysis and biocommunication technologies. 
Check out this quick video to learn more

DISCLAIMER: ZYTO does not diagnose or treat medical conditions. The scan is to help give you insight on what may not be functioning optimally within your body, suggestions as to what could potentially be causing these imbalances, and what products and/or services may help it to function better. Please be sure to consult your physician for any medical concerns.

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click to view as PDF

Step-by-step for scanning

1. Request a scan by clicking on one of the "request a scan" buttons on this page. (pricing varies, Happy Root Family members request your discounted scan here)

2. A form will pop up. Select your desired scan, answer the questions, and purchase your scan.

3. You will be emailed more information about your scan and will receive your scan invite from ZYTO within 24 hours.

4. Once you receive the scan invite from ZYTO be sure to read all of the directions carefully and follow them as instructed. You will create a FREE account where you will be able to access your report(s) at any time. If you have any questions throughout this process, please reach out to me. (call/text is best if you need a quicker response)

5. After you complete your scan, you will have instant access to your report. However, if ZYTO Insights is new to you, you will likely need some guidance to digest it all. I will send you step by step instructions (including video tutorials) on how to read and understand your report.

6. If you would like a private consult to go over your results via ZOOM, you can schedule a 30 minute consult for $30 USD.

7. Next you order your chosen products, implement them into your wellness routine, and start getting results of better wellness!

8. Lastly, don't forget to schedule your next scan! Our bodies change over time and so do our needs. It is recommended to get scanned regularly so you always know how to best serve your body. I do offer package pricing for those interested in purchasing multiple scans.

Didn't purchase a consult with your initial scan, 
but wanting one now? 

No worries, you can book a consult at any time.

Additional information
For your scan
  • Please make sure that you have internet access and a working microphone on your device (phone, tablet, or computer).

  • Your scan will take less than 5 minutes (including setting up your free account).

  • Once your scan is completed, you can immediately see the results. You are welcome to read your own results (you will be emailed information on how to do this), or you can set up a private consult with me and we will go over your results together.

Making the investment
We spend money daily on all sorts of things like coffees, treats, decor, handbags, you name it! But many times we don't invest in our health until it's mega expensive because we have some sort of problem. Let's stop that cycle and invest in our health today! Book yourself a scan to see what your body is asking for right now!
  • Scans are $10 
  • Scans with private consults are $30
  • Reduced pricing on package bundles is also available for both scans and consults - learn more here.
If you are currently a customer and/or Brand Partner in my Young Living organization (The Happy Root Family), request your scan HERE. Members get special deals!

  • You will be able to do the scan from the comfort of your own home (from anywhere in the world), using your phone, tablet, or computer. You simply need your login, an in-device microphone, a quiet space, and internet connection.

  • If we are looking at your scan together in a private consult, we will do it via a secure ZOOM link.

Interested in learning more about the science from the doctor who created ZYTO INSIGHTS?