Are you interested in hosting an oily class, event, or DIY? Let's chat and set something up! 

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Who can host: ANYONE. You do NOT need to be a current member. You do NOT need to be doing the business. 
*If you ARE a YL customer, you must be on my oily team - if you are not sure, reach out and I can check for you*

What type of event can I host: the sky is the limit! We can chat about what will work best for you. I have done events in the past for: seasonal DIYs, ditching + switching products, winter wellness, spring cleaning, chakras + oils, the list goes on and on! I am also always open to creating a NEW type of event. Let's chat!

What is in it for me: First and foremost it will be FUN! It's always a good time getting friends + family together to learn and/or create something new! Second, I will gift you a host/hostess surprise bundle. If you are a Brand Partner you will also get financial benefits that we can go over.

Do my guests need to purchase products: NO! I will for sure let your guests know how they can get their hands on the products that we talk about, but it is never required. I never pressure anyone into making a purchase that they are not certain about.

What do I have to do: You will need to invite your friends and family to the event. The event can be at a public place or in your home. You do need to provide access to the space and have seating for those in attendance. Light snacks are OPTIONAL. I will bring a table and all the supplies needed. I will teach the class and let you know ahead of time if there is anything else needed on your end (ie. access to an outlet, etc)

If you have other questions, let's chat!

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