With inflation rates and the economy the way it is right now, I have heard that you will need to make $5,000 - $10,000 more this year, JUST to live the SAME LIFE you lived in 2022! 😳 

I want you to ask yourself, where is that money coming from?

Now more than ever, having multiple streams of income is a MUST to be financially stable!

Ponder this...

Now ask yourself, can I make $27 a day?

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In the video we discuss...
  • why social selling is a great choice for you
  • why to choose YL for your social selling
  • the support + systems we have ready to go for you to be successful
  • how you actually earn money
  • and of course how to get started today!


Although you don't need an active upline to be successful in this business, it does help! 

Here is why you should choose our team...

  • We have been in this business for 10+ years and have the tools ready to help you succeed!

  • We have a free business mentorship with step-by-step guidance and 24/hr access on everything you need to be successful...
    • the beginning - getting started
    • enrolling
    • nurturing
    • money talk 
    • growing
    • leading
    • and beyond!

  • We have WEEKLY trainings that are accessible to you - including all the replays in one place for easy binging 😉

  • We have a supportive business chat so you can stay in the loop, ask questions, and be celebrated for your wins.

  • We have very active business (and customer) FB groups to plug yourself and your people into for education, support, recognition, and more!

  • We promote sustainable action in our businesses! You can hustle all you want, however we will never force that on you.

  • YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS HERE - we are growing WITH you, you choose your own pace.

  • We love to have FUN! We have get-togethers, retreats, contests, and more which are all optional.

  • At the end of the day, we love you for who you are and how you choose to run your business! We are just thrilled you have decided to allow your journey to intertwine with ours ❤️

We can't wait for you to be a part of our kick ass community of bosses!

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Now go back to the person who sent you this link and tell them you are excited to get started with us! 😊

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Why I Share...

I choose to share Young Living because it's a company that I fell in love with when my littles were super young (in fact, I only had one at the time). Their products allowed me to create that low-tox environment that I was striving for. As a RN I am well aware of side effects of medications, as well as what health really can mean. In our home we do all that we can to create a safe and healthy environment to foster proper childhood development and a happy family. (If this is something you too are looking for I can help you!) 

As for the business, I was looking for a way to spend more time at home with my kiddos as well as find something meaningful to share with the world. I was yearning to help people be WELL (not necessarily treat sickness). Being able to share something I am so passionate about all while getting paid to do so, made it possible for me to quit my 9-5, share what I love from anywhere, and homeschool my children. Now.. I'm not saying that you need to homeschool your kids, or quit your 9-5, 😜 you can make your journey look however you wish; this is just the way my story unfolded and man do I love it! 

I am so grateful to have partnered with a company that cares about true wellness, a company that puts it's customers before profit, and a company that also provides an opportunity for wealth above and beyond just the products!

Amanda DeWald
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