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  • When you become a customer and/or brand partner with my personal referral link you will receive a customized welcome gift (from me 😊) as well as a number of welcome emails giving you all the juicy tips/details of your new Young Living account.

  • You get access to our private community member area. This is located off of social media, so if you aren't on FB/IG/TikTok etc that's ok! We've got you covered!! This member area can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection 24/7, so you can always find what you need.

      • Learn more about our private community (The Happy Root Family) HERE.

  • As a customer with me, you will not only have access to our community member resources, but also 1:1 support from me! Think of me as your own personal oil assistant. I am right along side you as you begin your oily journey and beyond into sharing if you choose! (sharing is NOT required)

  • This 1:1 support includes support ditching and switching to a low-tox home. Many of my customers join because they are looking to reduce harmful chemicals in their home and swap them with more natural / safe options. I began this journey in 2014 and have years of experience that I can help walk you through step-by-step.

  • You also get access to our FB community (including our larger team community run by Chelsea Dixon-Schwabl). This Community has 12K + members and has 10+ years of searchable resources/posts, organized helpful guides, additional giveaways, and more!

  • Access to all of our monthly education + past event replays. Every single month I host in-person and online events that educate on various wellness topics. As a customer of mine you of course have access to all of these and past replays. (most event access is free, some do have minimal charges depending on the event)

  • Access to monthly FREE wellness scans (for customers and/or brand partners on our loyalty program). This scan can be done remotely from anywhere with an internet connection and it helps determine which specific oils would be best for your body at that given time. Learn more here. PS. if you aren't a member or on our loyalty program, you can still purchase a scan.

  • The option of hosting an event yourself. I would be happy to come teach an event/class/seminar/DIY for you (Depending on your physical location. Although, if you live too far, we can always do online versions). 

  • Support becoming a Young Living brand partner, sharing oils with others (this is NOT required). Our community has a private brand partner starter course, a business FB group, business get-togethers + events, weekly training videos, vaults of free shareable resources, and of course 1:1 support.

  • Lastly (well probably not lastly, because I'm sure there are other goodies i'm forgetting at the moment 😉) you are gaining a FRIEND. In doing this since 2014, I have truly met some of the most INCREDIBLE people who I now proudly call my friends ❤️ and I just know that if you have been following me and are feeling my vibe ✨, then it's only a matter of time before we become friends. And I can't wait!! 
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