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Hello May!
We're almost there! Almost to summer, almost to school being out, almost to sunshine and pool days! Just hold on a bit longer and before you blink we will be there! For now, let's enjoy the rest of Spring by celebrating Mom this month and prepping for the busy summer.

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Giveaway Winners
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🌷 Let's Celebrate all the Moms 🌷

Motherhood is such a journey - rife with ups and downs, joys and pains, laughter and tears. It brings out the best (and sometimes the worst) in all of us, and each of us has a story to tell. In honor of the mamas out there, here are some blends inspired by every season of motherhood.

You can use these blends in the diffuser (4-10 drops for the DewDrop, up to 20 for the Aria), as roller blends (we usually add 15-30 drops essential oil and carrier of choice in a 10mL roller), or as a DIY spray (about 15-30 drops for a 2oz glass spray bottle. Add oils, a splash of witch hazel and water)!

Still need gift ideas for mom?

Product Spotlight

Give your springtime seasons a boost with TWO new oils - Season Essentials and Red Cedar Bliss! Season Essentials is a super-powered version of our beloved Lavender, Lemon & Peppermint, and Red Cedar Bliss has a warm, harmonizing aroma that also supports a healthy immune system. These two are perfect for the changing seasons!

Item No 43941 I Size: 15 mL I Wholesale: $42.50 I Retail: $55.92 I PV: 42.50

Meet your new springtime sidekick, Season Essentials essential oil blend. This oil blend is specially formulated with a tried-and-true trio of three core oils—Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint – our go-tos when the seasons (and air quality!) change! But it gets better. Season Essentials blend is further enhanced with the properties of Goldenrod and Eucalyptus Blue essential oils so that you can embrace the changing seasons with open arms!

This incredible blend is labeled for use as a dietary supplement, for diffusing and for topical application, so you can use it however you choose! Season Essentials blend has an invigorating and soothing aroma and will be your go-to deep-breathing companion during seasonal changes.

  • Inhale it to support a healthy, clear respiratory system no matter whether you're enjoying the outdoors or relaxing at home.
  • Add Season Essentials to a teaspoon of honey and take it internally.
  • Fill a clear vegetable capsule with Season Essentials and olive oil and use it as a dietary supplement
  • Add a few drops to your palms and rub them together. Cup your hands over your nose and mouth and take 2–3 deep, slow breaths through your nose, exhaling through your mouth.
  • Diffuse Season Essentials blend to refresh any stuffy room and support the airways (especially when you lie down!).
  • Apply this blend topically to the head, neck, and chest to inhale its stimulating yet soothing aroma.

Item No: 43909 I Wholesale: $54 I Retail: $71.05 I PV: 54

Red Cedar Bliss essential oil blend is another springtime must have! This combination of Orange, Clove, Laurus Nobilis, Helichrysum, Frankincense, and Western Red Cedar oils has a warm, harmonizing aroma to ground and uplift the mind. Plus this blend of oils has some incredible health benefits, is full of antioxidants, and helps support a healthy immune system and overall wellness!

Red Cedar Bliss blend is designed for aromatic, topical, and dietary use, so you can use it however you need! With notes of cozy spice, sweet citrus, and soft cedar, it's the most comforting blend to enjoy on those cold nights or rainy mornings. Pop it in your diffuser, massage it on your skin, or take it in a veggie capsule to enjoy every drop of plant-powered goodness!

  • Add 1 drop to a veggie capsule to help support a healthy immune system.
  • Dilute and massage a few drops into your skin for a moment of harmony and peace.
  • Diffuse to fill your space with a cheerful, spicy-citrus aroma.
  • Add a few drops to the floor of your shower and let the oils and steam work their magic.
  • Add a few drops to epsom salt for a long, luxurious soak.
  • Add to a teaspoon of honey and take as a supplement or add to a mug of hot tea.
  • Grab these two new blends today to give your spring a little boost!

Try it for yourself and let me know what you think!

Stop guessing what your body needs and let the ZYTO scan tell you remotely from anywhere in the world, in less than 5 minutes!  

For all of 2023, members and brand partners in our Happy Root Family can receive one free monthly scan + personalized consult! 

Find out more details with the link below

May Gifts with Purchase!


Save when you spend, 
with loyalty rewards!

If you don't know what to put in your monthly wellness box to get those FREE gifts with purchase, here are some ideas perfect to go along with the season!

** R E M I N D E R **

Events + Education

Happy Root Family
Upcoming Events

Summer Skin Challenge
All May - official start date is 5/1 but jump in any time!
[via FB Challenge Group]
This challenge is free to participate!

  • Does your skin look dull and tired?
  • Do you wish you could tighten up and tone your skin?
  • Do you feel like there's no elasticity or firmness to areas of your arms, face, and legs?
  • Do you wish your hair, nails, and skin were stronger?
  • Do you avoid shorts and summer clothing?
  • Do you feel beautiful in your own skin?
If so, this challenge is for you!
Spring Lymph Challenge
14 Day Challenge Starts May 15th [via FB Challenge Group]
This challenge is free to participate!

Why should you join me in this?

There are several tell tale signs that lymphatic fluid is not moving effectively + that toxins are building up in your body:
  • bloating
  • swelling in your fingers/rings fitting more tightly 💍
  • brain fog 😶‍🌫️
  • digestive issues 🤢
  • depression 😞
  • sinus infections 🤧
  • skin problems/dry and or itchy skin 🤚🏽
  • enlarged lymph nodes 😮
  • chronic fatigue 🥱
  • feeling sore or stiff when you wake up in the morning 🙋🏼‍♀️
  • unexplained injuries 🤕
  • excess weight ⚖️
  • cold hands + feet 🥶
  • constipation 🥴
  • worsened allergies 🤧
  • food sensitivities 🥜
  • increased colds + flu 🤮
If you have any of these, this lymph challenge is FOR YOU!

Paycheck with a Purpose
May 8th - 2nd Monday of each month @8:00pm EST 
[via ZOOM] 

This is a business opportunity call. Learning how you can earn money sharing wellness products you know and love with those around you.

Are you looking for...
  • ways to make money from home
  • earning money sharing something you love
  • feeling good about what you do
  • having no cap on your earning potential
  • being your own boss
If so, this opportunity may be perfect for you!

We will share with you...
  • why we choose this opportunity over others
  • what it could look like for you
  • what our community has to offer you
  • how to get started
This event is via ZOOM and is zero commitment. It will take 20-25 minutes of your time. If you are interested in learning more about the potential, register for the link. If you cannot make it live, the replay will be emailed to you after the event.

DIY + Salt Cave Experience
Monday, May 22nd - 6:00 - 8:00pm
[In-Person @ Southtown Salt Cave, Hamburg NY]

$45/person - spots are limited, so we do recommend registering early to secure your place.

Essential Oil Teaching + DIY project ($25 value)
Salt Cave Session ($40 value)

This month we will be focusing on Chakras + Crystals. There will be some brief intro education followed by the DIY.

Each person will participate in a 45 minute group salt cave session that will benefit your respiratory system, help with relaxation, and boost your immune system among many other benefits.

Gardening + Essential Oils
Replay Available [FREE]

It's time to Start Your Garden! This year, improve your garden by incorporating essential oils!

Do you struggle with how to keep your pets out, unwanted growers at bay, and how to attract more pollinators to promote plant reproduction?

If so, this replay is for you!

Text Menu Education
Available On-Going [via text]
Spring Menu Currently Available

Looking for oily information or education on a specific topic? You can now access free education right to your phone via text! Register for the seasonal text menu mailing list and you will receive a text once a quarter with the new seasonal text menu. 

These menus will have keywords that you can text in to learn more about a specific topic (ie. kids, pets, diffusing, DIYs, etc). All you have to do is text in the keyword and you will have instant access to a wealth of knowledge on the topic. The information will come to you in the form of one text containing a link to a webpage. 

Register for this seasonal mailing list so you don't miss out on vital information for your oily journey!

Host an Oily Event
Currently Scheduling May - September
Summer months book up fast with busy schedules!

Are you interested in hosting an oily class, event, or DIY? Let's chat and set something up! 

Who can host: ANYONE. you do NOT need to be a current member. You do NOT need to be doing the business.

What type of event can I host: the sky is the limit! We can chat about what will work best for you. I have done events in the past for: seasonal DIYs, ditching + switching products, winter wellness, spring cleaning, chakras + oils, the list goes on and on! I am also always open to creating a NEW type of event. Let's chat!

 Virtual Convention Tickets

Virtual Registration for the 2023 Ignite Your Journey Convention launches Wednesday, May 3 at 10 a.m. MT!

This year’s Americas Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah will have a hybrid offering with tickets to both an in-person or virtual experience available for purchase.

Virtual tickets are $50 and include access to our virtual venue, where you can stream General Session, Workshops, and the Awards Gala live. Then hop over to the Virtual Expo to find videos, social sharables, images and more to accompany all our exciting product launches.

All streamed content, the Virtual Expo, and more will be available until August 18, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. MT

In-person perk: All in-person attendees will receive access to the virtual venue included in the price of their in-person ticket!

Also be sure to check out the Gettin' to Livin' Tribe FB group - there is a lot of oily education in there too!

PS: Father’s Day is next month! 

Show the Dads in your life appreciation by putting together a little care package. 

Check out a few of my resources with great gift ideas for the special men in your life! 

I Started a Blog! 
I would love it if you would check it out. 

There are currently 8 blogs up 
and I release a new one every Sunday!

New eZine Available through June!

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🧺 Fresh Linen essential oil blend, 10 mL
This blend Lemon, Lavender, Cypress, Tea Tree, Bitter Orange, and Cistus evokes the clean, pure scent of freshly laundered linens blowing in the breeze. It's a perfect springtime blend to fill your space with a clean feeling of renewal and fresh starts.

  • Lemon, Lavender & Tea Tree: supportive of sinus and respiratory needs
  • Cistus, Cypress, & Tea Tree: purifying and cleansing
  • Lemon, Lavender, Bitter Orange: calming and uplifting
🌦️ Spring Rain essential oil blend, 10 mL
This soothing blend of Spearmint, Vetiver, Bergamot, Cypress, Patchouli, and Tea Tree captures the essence of a warm spring rain. It reminds us of new starts and clean slates and is a wonderful way to transform your space into a sanctuary.

  • Vetiver, Bergamot & Patchouli: calming and relaxing to the emotions, soothing for stress hormones
  • Cypress, Spearmint, Tea Tree: crisp, refreshing and purifying
🌳 Tranquil Forest essential oil blend, 10 mL
This earthy blend of Pine, Frankincense, Lemon, Cedarwood, Pepper, and Bitter Orange can create a tranquil, calming atmosphere anywhere you may be. These oils elicit the feeling of walking through a serene evergreen forest just beginning to wake for spring.

  • Pine, Cedarwood, & Frankincense: calming and grounding for the health
  • Pine, Lemon, & Frankincense: supportive of immune and respiratory systems
  • Pepper, Lemon, & Bitter Orange: crisp and uplifting
Available Now
via shop order or Loyalty Rewards!

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This month's winner is... Michele Franco!

Congratulations you won a 5ml bottle of Thyme Vitality!


Sharing with your Referral Link

If you aren't yet a Brand Partner, be sure to grab your Business Essentials Kit so you can get paid when sharing!

The Brand Partner Corner

Brand Partners!
If you are actively pursuing the Young Living business OR would like to, please fill out this form so we can connect! My main method of communication with Brand Partners is via email and/or text so if you would like to stay in the loop, be sure that you are on the contact list!

If you are not on this list, you will NOT receive any Brand Partner business communication from me!


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NEW Brand Partner Mentorship!

Okay friends! Here it issss!

⭐️ The NEW Tribe Brand Partner Mentorship! Get ACCESS below!!! ⭐️

Something that I WISH so so badly that I had, that we all had, in the beginning of our YL journeys! A roadmap to this business!

So if you..

⭐️ are nervous to share about the business because you don't know what to do / are overwhelmed after a brand partner joins.. USE THE MENTORSHIP!

⭐️ have lost your way and need a simple roadmap to catch you up and start over.. USE THE MENTORSHIP!

⭐️ are a NEW brand partner and want a proven roadmap to get going.. USE THE MENTORSHIP!

⭐️ want all BP info in one easy to find / access place.. USE THE MENTORSHIP!

⭐️ want an ever-green system to refer to and plug your brand partner's in to over and over and over again.. USE THE MENTORSHIP!

⭐️ want a system to take some weight off of your shoulders and help elevate your business to the NEXT LEVEL.. USE THE MENTORSHIP!


•Once you sign up at the link above, check your email! It'll take a few minutes to send

•Then read through that, and select 'CLICK HERE TO ENTER'

•On the next page under CONTENTS click 'TRIBE BRAND PARTNER MENTORSHIP' .. and you'll be in!

•You can scroll through the contents and click on them that way, or click 'START CLASS'

•If you want to download the app to access the mentorship that way, go back to the email and click on Get Apple App or Get Android App, and all of the steps will be send to you to access it that way (very user friendly)!!

Another Host Promo for May 🙌

We want to reward you for taking time out from your busy lives to have fun and share the wellness Young Living has to offer!

Sign up to host a party this month and get 15 percent off to save on samples or giveaways to share. 

If you sign up to host three partiesyou’ll also get three points for the Kona Challenge.

But wait! Your guests get a little something too! 

☀️ New customers receive: 10% off their first order of 100+pv or 20% off their first order of 200+pv 🎉

Within two business days after you sign up to host, you’ll get an email with two codes—one for you to save 15 percent and one for you to share with your guests to give them free economy shipping.*

When the party’s over, show us what an amazing time you had by tagging us on your pics with #myYLevent

*Offers expire May 31.

Win a trip to Hawaii
Still 2 more months to qualify!
Earn a ✨DREAM✨ vacation to Hawaii and up to $1,273.35 USD /$1,547.09 CAD of essential oils with our new incentive program: the Kona Challenge!!!

Start by earning points for building your Young Living business! The more points you earn between January 1 and June 30, the bigger the rewards!!


We are now using the Boards app to share important information with you in ONE PLACE, that is easy for you to share with prospects, customers, + brand partners right from your phone.

download the app for free and then 
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Content Strategy Guide

Each month we release a content strategy guide on the first of the month. This is a week by week breakdown of your business IPAs (income producing activities). 

The beauty of this business is that we can do it on our time! #timefreedom So, now we are giving you the tools and guidance, and you can set your own work session time to get it all done 👊 Just remember, you get paid like a business only when you treat it like a business 😉

We are here to cheer you on and if you need any support at all please reach out.

access the most current content guide

Income Producing Activities

Income producing activities (IPAs) are vital for moving your business forward. If your business is feeling stagnant yet you are doing "all of the things", it is likely because you are falling into the trap of "busy work". The key to fixing this is focusing on IPAS! Here is some guidance for staying on track.

Here is a blank calendar to help you stay on track this month.

**Find more IPA info + resources in the Brand Partner Board under IPAs**

Upcoming Brand Partner Events
Monday Night Business Trainings
1st Monday of the month: Live Zoom Training @8:00pm est
2nd Monday of the month: Live Zoom Prospecting Call (Paycheck with a Purpose) @8:00pm est
Remaining Mondays of the month: Recorded video trainings dropped in the FB group + replay page

ZOOM LINK: www.amandadewald.com/g2lzoom
Meeting ID: 233 563 1395

There are loads of Brand Partner business tips/info/updates in the FB group. If you are looking for extra support please reach out and we can schedule a chat.

Paycheck with a Purpose
Every 2nd Monday of the month. 8:00pm ET (ZOOM)
This is a quick 20-25 minute ZOOM call for any current customers or prospects who are interested in learning more about the business opportunity. These calls are available to you to help grow your business. Feel free to jump in each month with prospects and/or to support fellow brand partners. A replay of this call can be found in the Business Replays Link.

If you have any questions reach out. Hope to see you there. We hope you find this helpful in growing your business.

ZOOM LINK: www.amandadewald.com/g2lzoom
Meeting ID: 233 563 1395

Brand Partner Training Replays
Available 24/7 via link
Miss one of our Monday night trainings? Check out all of the replays in one place.

Are You in the Facebook Community?
Our Crown Diamond Leader Chelsea Dixon-Schwabl has an amazing FB community for all things business

🎉 Congratulations!

We are so proud of all our Brand Partners and their achievements. 

Thank you for spreading wellness to those you care about. 👏


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