The Happy Root Family was founded in 2014 by Amanda and Daniel DeWald. After the birth of their first child, they radically changed their lifestyle to create a happier, healthier home for their growing family. After witnessing the increased quality of life that implementing these new changes had brought to them, they decided they wanted to share this knowledge and journey with others. 

The Happy Root was created to EDUCATE and EMPOWER others with the strength and knowledge to create healthy lifestyle changes within families around the world (or at least their circle of influence) so that you too are able to ENJOY life to the fullest! 

Realizing what a large role Young Living had played in creating these changes, they decided to build a family for their customers and brand partners; this family is now known as The Happy Root Family
Our Mission: To educate and empower families to make lasting, healthy lifestyle changes one baby step at a time!

Our Vision: To create a community of individuals ready to make a change in this world.

We strive to give you the knowledge and tools that you need to feel confident in implementing and sharing these changes with those around you. Nothing is more important to us then health and family. So let's get started!
Our family is a supportive group of women and men who are all working hard to better our health and wellness with the help of Young Living Essential Oils. The Happy Root Family is an exclusive group for anyone who has decided to incorporate Young Living into their daily lives and decides to join us as either a customer or a brand partner with any current member of the Happy Root Family. 

As a family, we are here to guide one another, offer support + advice on how, where, and when to use our oils, as well as incorporate other healthy lifestyle choices. We have a wide variety of oil users, including: nurses, nurse practitioners, midwives, doulas, chiropractors, massage therapists, teachers, moms/dads, grandparents, teenagers, lots of little oily babies and so many more! We are here to answer your questions and truly become your oily family!
Meaning behind the name...
The Happy Root Family came to be because when we envisioned a team name, our initial thoughts were that we wanted it to be uplifting and something that incorporated health and full body wellness (mind, body, & spirit). We liked the idea of roots, because roots are what hold life together. Roots are what ground us and connect us; they give us nutrients, they are strong and bold. 

According to the word Root has many meanings; some that stuck out to us were: 

  • "the fundamental or essential part" 
  • "a part of a body of a plant that develops, typically, from the radicle and grows downward into the soil, anchoring the plant and absorbing nutriment and moisture". 
Further, according to some meanings that stood out to us included: 

  • "the bottom or supporting part of something"
  • "the essential part or element, the basic core"
  • "a primary source, an origin"
  • "the condition of being settled and of belonging to a particular place or society"
  • "the state of having or establishing an indigenous relationship with a personal affinity for a particular culture, society, or environment". 
Family is important to us and family 'roots' are of great importance! They are what link us to our past and help create our future. Together all of these really resonated with us so we knew we wanted to incorporate roots! 

Next we thought about doing the Healthy Root, but it just wasn't right. We wanted it to be a place of encouragement and excitement, thus 'Happy' just stuck. 

Lastly, as we have mentioned many times, family is important to us and we want all of our customers and brand partners to feel like family and BE family. 

Hence The Happy Root Family was born.

Q: How do I become a part of The Happy Root Family?
A: To become a Happy Root Family member, you would need to enroll as a Young Living Wholesale OR Retail member with a CURRENT Happy Root Family member. To learn more about a membership please click HERE. To get a list of some of our current leaders please visit our Leaders Page.

Q: Why would I want to join the Happy Root Family?
A: Most people join our family because they are looking for ways to increase wellness using natural means. If you are looking to incorporate essential oils into your home and you would like the full support of an amazing team then our Happy Root Family would be a great fit for you!

Q: What makes The Happy Root Family stand out over other oil groups?
A: Our Family is full of a variety of people from different backgrounds all coming together for one purpose: to improve health! Health is a priority to our Family; we have an amazing group of passionate, caring individuals who will go out of their way to help you reach the wellness that you are striving for. We also prioritize education. It breaks our heart when we have members tell us that they have unopened oils because they are unsure of what to use them for, or how to use them properly. Our Happy Root Family does our best to keep all of our members informed and educated through continual ongoing support and training. For more information on this please see the next section on what the Happy Root Family can offer YOU!

Q: What does The Happy Root Family have to offer me?
A: As a member of our Happy Root Family you will have a personal sponsor, as well as many up-line leaders who can work with you to customize what YOUR needs are and what products will best fit YOUR life. We offer a large online support community where we post information daily, have live videos (every Tuesday is Terrific Tip Tuesday), relay news from YL corporate, have competitions, etc. Aside from the online support, we also have monthly meetings, events, and classes (both online and local to various areas in WNY). Additionally, we send out a monthly newsletter to keep everyone up to date with exciting news, and we offer lots of giveaways and promotions because we believe in giving back. We are so grateful to have this amazing community and we like to make sure that everyone feels supported and well informed. Our goal as a family is to empower others to make healthy lifestyle choices. We can offer you support as you leap into the world of essential oils!
If you are a part of our family and not in our online support team please contact Amanda so you can be added ASAP! We don't want you missing out!

Q: Can I be in the Happy Root Family if I am not a Young Living member?
A: Unfortunately no. This family is an exclusive group for members only. So hurry up and get started with one of our leaders so that you can join in on all the fun TODAY! If you are currently a YL member and looking for more support please feel free to message us and we can certainly help you to find your proper up-line and get you in contact with someone who can help you to get started. We have been known to, on occasion take in orphans who are in need of support ;-)

Q: Once I enroll, how do I get added to the Family?
A: Once you enroll and your account is active, your sponsor (the leader who you enrolled with) will add you to our online facebook community and you will also be added to our mailing list. If you are having trouble getting added or aren't sure who your sponsor is please contact Amanda and we can get that figured out.

Q: As a family member am I required to do anything?
A: Nope! You can be as active in the family as YOU want. You can post questions, attend meetings, host classes, OR simply enjoy your oils and watch from a distance. Although we try to encourage participation, your participation level is always up to you!

what members are saying...
"I began my journey with Young Living Essential oils about seven years ago but was never really connected to the company. After seeing a friend post on Facebook about Young Living again years later, did I decide to become more involved. I contacted this friend who re-engaged me in the company and connected me to The Happy Root Family. At first I just wanted to get to know the oils and see what others were using them for. But then, something amazing happened. Both the friend I connected with on Facebook and Amanda DeWald reached out to me and discussed the benefits of sharing Young Living and how it could change my life and my family's life. I've never looked back! Amanda, my direct upline Brittany and all of the Happy Root Family have helped me to be a more confident individual and have showed me how to share my passion for the oils and Young Living company as a whole. I am able to stay at home with my daughter and soon to be son! Never would I have thought that was possible! The aspect of The Happy Root Family is that it is not just part of company but it really is a family. I have met so many amazing people through this adventure and look forward to my 'job'." - Lindsay S.

"Oh my goodness, I would be LOST without this amazing group! From answering my million questions, to providing new used and recipes for these awesome oils, to connecting me to new friends! I love our oily family!" - Stacy B.

"I love being able to see everyone support one another, even so many of us who have never met -- I love scrolling through my newsfeed and seeing different ways people so close to me in this journey are using their oils/supplements/etc" - Kelsie B.

"The happy root family has been amazing since I have started my journey. There are so many knowledgable people in this group and i have never not received a helpful response for a question. I also enjoy all of the ideas and recipes that everyone posts to give more ideas for how to use my oils." - Raekel H.

"I love the happy root family because it's great to learn about how other people use oils and what works for them and I love all of the healthy ideas. Amanda and Dan are always so helpful and friendly ....I love you both and I love the happy root family! Thank you!" - Cindy M.

"I love The Happy Root Family because it offers constant support and fills me up on great oily knowledge! Special thanks to Amanda and her constant dedication." - Alicia S.

"I love the knowledge and kindness that everyone contributes to this site. It truly is a Happy Family!" - Karyn K.

"The Happy Root Family gives me ideas on how to incorporate healthier alternatives in my life. It makes it so much easier to transition into better habits/mindsets when so much info is at your finger tips!!" - Jessica E.

"All the support and love in the Happy Root family are definitely part of why I've embraced this business. So much information, and always a helping hand!" - Jennifer D.

"I'm learning so much from this group!!!! I like reading all the answers to people's questions, especially because it seems like it's geared towards more of the popular EOs and ones that came in the starter kit rather than seeing suggestions for oils I don't have yet. My oily collecting is growing so it's also a good source of what to get next!!!" - Lynne W.

"I'm very new to the Young Living world but I have found this group to be very informative and helpful!" - Sherri M.

"Happy Root Family had been such a valuable resource for my transition into oils...without the wonderful people, leaders, resources and events, my starter kit would likely be rather full instead of nearly gone! Oil related posts are a HUGE part of my Facebook reading material! " - Kris D.

"The Happy Root Family is my go-to for all oil information! I know that most of the internet BS has been filtered out and the information I find in this group is trustworthy. If I need advice on something, I get get it from a real person who has either experienced it themselves or know someone who has. I love the Happy Root!!! Thank you!!!" - Tara M.

"It has helped me feel more comfortable sharing the oily world with others. It has also given me a safe place to ask questions" - Elena C.

"This group has been supportive and encouraging! It can be difficult to share with family and friends who think you are crazy for using oils. This is a wonderful community. I've learned so much for questions that I've asked and that others have asked."
- Alexandra M.

"The Happy Root Family has completely taught me how to rid my home of toxins and has taught me how to better my overall health, both with oils and even sometimes in general. How many "businesses" have someone you can call/text/email whenever for advice on product." - Lindsay M.

" It got me started in using essential oils and helps give me some great ideas as to what to use certain ones for." - Kimberly S.

"I've learned so much on how to apply oils and what should be avoided for my little one. It's helped me feel more confident in sharing my oils and educating others." - Brittany R.

" I love the fact I can go to this website and receive answers to all my questions. I love the giveaways. I love the events! I learn so much by being so active in these groups!" - Michelle L.

"Love the suggestions and conversation every day about every topic! Has definitely transitioned me away from chemical containing medicines, cleaning products, foods, etc." - Kim B.

"I've learned so much! Which oils to apply topically vs diffuse, what I can/can't use breastfeeding or on/with my little one, and I've even started answering some other people questions! So cool to have knowledge to share!" - Jessica S.

We look forward to you joining our 
Happy Root Family!

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