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Live a life of health and wellness

Live A Life of Health and Wellness while having your products paid for.

Access to discounts, best prices, promotions and rewards through an ongoing loyalty program.

Set your own schedule

Set your own schedulewhile creating your business.

Flexibility to work wherever you are.

Live life to the fullest

Live life to the fullestwhile achieving personal fulfillment.

Travel the world and enjoy the best life has to offer.

Business Development System

We have a franchise-like business development system designed to provide you with time, money, health and flexibility to work your own hours as a Brand Partner.
YL Business Development System


It is easy to duplicate - you are the "master franchisor" and you establish "franchisees" using our business development systems.



You are paid a % of all the "franchisees" you establish plus any "sub-franchises" they establish.*

* Conditions and criteria apply



It is easy to understand and operate. It is easy to teach others how to operate. It is a scalable model, which means that it is designed to grow with your business.

Investment and Lifestyle Comparison

Compare a traditional franchise system to our Brand Partner business development system.
Criteria Traditional Franchise System Our Business Development System
Territory Limited Territory No Limits - Global
Start-up Cost $20,000 to $1,000,000+ (USD) Less than $500 (USD)
Physical Location Building or Lease Home or Anywhere
Employees Yes No
Hours Per Week 40+ hours Choose your own
Risk factor High Low
Income Potential $70k to $180k Average (USD) See Income Disclosure

A Powerful Reward and Recognition Program

Phase Activity Income Type Brand Partner Ranks
1 Learn and Do Start-Up Income Star, Senior Star, Executive
2 Do and Teach Management Income Silver, Gold, Platinum
3 Train the Trainers Senior Executive Income Diamond, Crown Diamond, Royal Crown Diamond

Incomes vary depending on level of skills, behaviours and effort. See income disclosure for details.

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